Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3)

Project Duration

2012 - 2017

Global Program


The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3), a five-year project funded by USAID, envisions a world where health communication is transformative. Led by CCP in partnership with Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and NetHope, and specialized communication partners Internews, Population Services International (PSI) and Ogilvy Public Relations, HC3 will strengthen in-country capacity to implement state-of-the-art health communication in order to ensure the sustainability of evidence-based behavior change programming.

HC3 works in the following countries:



Partnering with country-based organizations, HC3 will:

  • Increase capacity of indigenous organizations to design, implement, manage and evaluate evidence-based health communication programs
  • Establish systems for professional development in health communication

The work of HC3 will lead to a future where:

  • Every country has a community of professionals with the capacity and commitment to create, coordinate and evaluate state-of-the-art health communication programs
  • Communication is recognized and utilized as a collaborative catalyst for development
  • Indigenous partners use proven technologies, tools and collaborative forums to access, create and exchange knowledge and strengthen their capacity to serve their clients
  • All people have the information to make good decisions for themselves and their families, and have the social support, resources and abilities to act on their decisions

Publications and Project Materials