CCP knows strategic communication is central to combating the world’s major development problems. CCP has been a pioneer in social and behavior change communication for health and remains a leader in the field.

Our approach recognizes effective communication is grounded in a particular socio-ecological context, including enabling environments, service delivery systems, communities, husbands and wives, family members and individuals. We specialize in identifying and understanding pathways to change within these complex systems and developing bold strategies that address these behavioral pathways. We then mobilize a comprehensive array of communication approaches including digital media, broadcast media, community mobilization, interpersonal communication, advocacy and capacity building to catalyze change.

We are not partial to any one approach. At CCP, we care about only one thing: do our programs inspire key health behaviors and social norms?

CCP has a library of evidence-based tools, forged through twenty years of fieldwork in over thirty countries, ready to confront the next public health challenge:

  • Theories, research and frameworks to explain whether and why behaviors and norms change
  • Guides, such as how to manuals and step-wise processes, to guide program planners
  • Courses, curricula and distance learning platforms to train communication specialists, community mobilizers, health educators, and service providers
  • Counseling tools to help clients and practitioners improve their interactions
  • Media programming in every imaginable format and approach
  • Community mobilization systems that are goal-oriented and linked to broader social movements, and
  • Advocacy strategies that change the way investment and programming choices are made

CCP’s portfolio spans the spectrum of today’s global health challenges: HIV/AIDS; safe motherhood; child survival; reproductive health; TB, malaria and other infectious diseases; chronic diseases; as well as related areas including environment, clean water and democracy and governance.

We rely on our technical strengths, but are guided by our core values: partnership and capacity development. To us, these are not simply today’s catch phrases, but flow directly from our home in the number one School of Public Health in the country, where capacity building is a mandate more than a century old. So every step in our process and every day of our work are spent listening, learning and working shoulder to shoulder with our partners to achieve sustainable change and lasting solutions.