Strategic Communication Planning and Evaluation (SCOPE)

What is SCOPE?

SCOPE stands for Strategic Communication Planning and Evaluation and is designed as a training tool used in support of workshops in strategic health communication. It is actually an online representation of the P-Process. The P-Process is a step-by-step road map that leads health professionals from a loosely defined concept about changing behavior to a strategic and participatory program with a measurable impact on the intended audience. The P-Process is used to develop communication programs addressing a wide range of topics from promoting environmental health to preventing HIV transmission.

Multiple Purposes:

A standard implementation of SCOPE has been almost exclusively for training purposes in over 30 countries in 5 languages for over 10 years. Recent deployments and all implementations in the future will also provide:

  • An Online Reference: Recent deployment in Cote d’Ivoire, for example, has provided a dynamic reference for process-based health interventions concerning HIV/AIDS with potential application in other health areas.

  • A Design for User Participation and In-Country Management: The major limitation of SCOPE has always been the limited shelf life of the data provided and the lack of involvement from the user in development. Both of these problems are being addressed through the adaptation of an accessible Content Management System (CMS) ensuring sustainability from within the countries where SCOPE has been deployed and the integration of Web 2.0 elements enabling direct user participation and feedback to help ensure long term relevancy and use. In Vietnam the country office there has already assumed control of the program and conducted a workshop using a version of SCOPE they updated themselves.